La Casella country resort

Excursions and walks

Trekking, walks and excursions  surrounded by nature and beauty in the green heart of Italy

There are many trekking and walking activities that guests can easily do immersed in nature.

La Casella is an extension of the Protected Forest area of Bosco dell’Elmo-Melonta, a territory of naturalistic and environmental interest.
The ilex grove of Bosco dell’Elmo is considered as one of the most interesting forests of the Umbria protected areas.

For the “most intrepid” guests there are also marked paths where you can discover gorgeous, natural landscapes and feel the presence of numerous rare animals.

In fact many uncommon species live here: martens, porcupines, wild cats and skunks.
After decades of absence, even wolf is back, thanks to the large amount of ungulates such as wild boars and deers.
With the change of woods and cultivations, there are also the very rare Italian hares. The birds of prey are numerous: brown kites, short-toed eagles, sparrow-hawks, goshawks, buzzards, kestrels, hobbies, peregrine falcons and, among the nocturnal birds: owls, barn owls and tawny owls.

Here the river and the streams are important elements for the conservation of the biodiversity of this area.

You can request a guide for walks.

La Casella country resort